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The Power Of A Simple Conversation

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Who Is Gerry?

Do I like him? Can I trust him?


0:00 People Who Gerry Helps

0:08 Those Who’ve Never Thought About Referrals from Local Insurance Agents

2:14 Those Who’ve Tried, Who’ve Maybe Hired a Person, And They’re Just Not Getting Results

4:40 Current Client Testimonial & Why He Is Elated With His Results

5:30 Those Who Gerry Rarely Works With

6:46 Those Who “Just Don’t Wanna Do Sales 😩”

8:34 Why Go After Local Insurance Agent Referrals

11:47 The Curse of the Technician

12:48 Gerry – A Carpet Cleaner At Heart

13:45 A Non-Salesy Conversation – Really?

16:34 Your Greatest Fear & Why Gerry Can Help You