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Testimonials from our Clients

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  • I would like to write a testimonial for Gerry Edtl. I own a successful mitigation and reconstruction company in Poughkeepsie, NY. We invited Gerry to come and give insights he gleamed from being Marketing Director for a major franchise. Our aim was insurance agents. His many ways of getting to see these agents and what to say were amazing.

    We have been in business 22 years and he opened our eyes on marketing to agents, without bringing candy or donuts, just information that the agents found interesting. Gerry brought all meat, no fluff, nothing else to buy. In addition he continues with Zoom classes 1 or 2 times a month with his lovely daughter who continues mentoring, giving you homework and holding you accountable.

    Contact Gerry you’ll be happy you did. We started doing CE classes for Agents and his techniques have doubled the classes every month. He is also one of the most real and sincere persons I’ve met in awhile. He truly wants you to succeed.

    Mike Hogan, Owner, First Call Restoration
  • Gerry and our staff have worked together for almost a year. He has helped to transform our sales team into a healthy, functioning, accountability machine. He is one of the best listeners you will meet and his teachings are applicable immediately. We are grateful to have met him and to call him a friend. He changed us and our business forever and we can’t recommend him enough.

    Justin Beinkampen, Owner, ServiceMaster of Charleston
  • I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to grow their insurance agency referral business to consider this Agency Sales Program.

    It will provide you with the framework that will take you through cold calling, finding the correct agents to work with and finally maintaining a partnership. This is a program that if followed correctly, will allow you to grow in a meaningful and significant manner. The coaching meetings are also beneficial in discussing your progress, questions and preparing you for the following weeks assignments.

    There are two critical concepts that you have to follow. First, the process takes time. You are developing partners, not doing 1-call closes. Also, you need to follow all of the steps and have faith that it will work for you.

    Jeff Hoefler, Business Development Manager, ServiceMaster by Disaster Recon
  • I hired a new salesperson and wanted to get back to local relationships rather than the insurance programs and TPA’s that are dominating our industry now. By starting this program with Jordan and Gerry, my new salesperson is learning and beginning to deliver a new value proposition to agents, some of which we’ve worked with in the past, and some of which we’ve been trying to capture for years. Many of these agents have never heard the questions that are being asked and are excited that someone wants to partner with them, and to be their ambassador in the field.

    It has revitalized my sales process in general, and has given me a system that will be the basis of my business going forward. I’ve been very pleased with everything and with how responsive and helpful Jordan and Gerry have been to offer suggestions, solutions, recommendations, and thoughts about situations we have run into. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to grow the relationships in their business and stand out from the traditional marketers employed by most of our competitors. It is one of the best decisions I have made in my 23 years of business.

    Tobye David, President, ServiceMaster of Roanoke, Shenandoah Valley, and Winchester
  • For those in the Restoration Industry, we may find ourselves starting a new position. We may find ourselves starting that position maybe without confidence, understanding, or the skillset to conquer and encourage those around us to excel at the same position. I’m here to give an extraordinary testimonial for Gerry Edtl who not only is patient, but is full of wisdom, and knowledge of our industry.

    Gerry Edtl knows what our small businesses need to thrive and with six months of training, courses, and teaching he can put your team on the right track. It was a pleasure to work with someone who pays attention to details, along with giving me responsibilities and goals, and holding me accountable for completing them. If I had a problem we came up with a solution. Late in the day phone calls where we would iron out issues that were current or on the rise.  We would alter my verbiage so I could implement it into our processes.

    Going in it was a bit bumpy. For me, I love positivity and Gerry Edtl is full of positivity, pushing you for success not failure and to me that is refreshing knowing that your mentor is there for your complete success. So reach out to Gerry Edtl and Jordan. Stay Positive, Stay Focused, and Conquer!!!

    Michael Payne, Sales Professional, Orc Services
  • Jordan is OUTSTANDING! We can’t say enough about how she has helped me in building the confidence to go out and meet agents and know that I have a service that they need. At first I thought, “this is a little weird” because it’s not how I speak or would do things but I couldn’t have been more wrong. What Jordan has taught me you can’t put a price on it. I won’t lie. I was a bit skeptical when I first started but after seeing the process working for me it was incredible. Last week alone we had 17 jobs running in a single week from Agency Referrals! That’s huge! I can’t say thanks to Jordan and Gerry enough for the program they have put together and the OUTSTANDING returns that we have received from it.

    Justin Davis, Owner & Sales Professional, ServiceMaster Restore by CPR
  • Hiring Gerry and Jordan was the greatest gift the owners of my company could have given me. Their approach to targeting agents is effective and has allowed me to build transparent, honest, and lasting relationships with the insurance agents in our area. Best of all I was able to implement and shift the technique to fit all of our different referral partners from plumbers to property managers. I feel like our company is better overall after this experience as it has really changed our approach to customer service and communication throughout the claims process with all of our clients. I can’t say enough positive things about my year of training with Gerry and Jordan!

    Grace Weller, Sales Professional, Rumsey Construction & Restoration
  • This sales system puts into relatable words and practice what we have been trying to convey to clients during our sales calls.  It has helped us create a more consistent stream of business, even in times of “low weather activity”.  We are having our best year ever since implementing this process.

    Sara Kantner, Owner/Sales Professional, Damage Doctors
  • We wanted to have a more reliable stream of revenue coming from insurance agents. We wanted to grow solid relationships with agents for the long term. This system was something that we knew our competitors were not doing and probably not capable of duplicating when they saw what we were doing. We were also tired of trying to call on a few hundred agents without building quality relationships with any of them. Now we’re very deep with a few and our sales have never been better!

    Jared Yingling, Sales Manager, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration
  • After 22 months of working with Gerry, I feel like I have to share what a terrific program he offers. I’ve been in sales for 13 years, and I have never experienced a training and consulting program that comes anywhere close to this one. It’s the most comprehensive and detailed program I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen several).

    Gerry’s first hand knowledge of the disaster restoration industry, combined with his sales expertise and heart for helping others improve makes his program unique. Although the training is industry specific, the principles he teaches could apply to any industry. I wish I’d had a consultant like Gerry when I began my sales career.

    I’m about to complete my second year with ServiceMaster, and by my two year mark I will have more than doubled my sales for last year. Gerry teaches you how to make the most of every agent visit and turn those agents into partners. The value proposition he has developed is brilliant, and it impresses agents because it’s so unique. Many have told me that they have never heard any vendor present anything like it before. It really wows them. Although there have been some agents who didn’t respond to the value prop, it broke the ice with them and gained their attention and respect.

    If you want to just be the kind of traditional marketer who drops off candy jars and cookies, make small talk and not really get anywhere, well okay. But if you want to be a sales professional who agents recognize as someone with something important to discuss, and really be set apart from the other vendors who come through their doors, call Gerry and find out how.

    Brett Carter, Sales Professional, Memphis, Tennessee
  • By implementing Gerry’s proven sales strategies, we were able to transform our job source formula. We were relying on insurance program leads and Third Party Administrators to provide our income and represented almost 80% of our revenue. Not good. Gerry taught us how to break free from the strangle hold of program work and now over 85% of our work comes directly from local relationships. Our close rate with agents became much more consistent with 8 out of 10 agents giving us an opportunity to work for them after our initial visit. His course allowed us to become more independent, more profitable and greatly reduced the drama and headaches with our staff that were producing a toxic environment within our business. I cannot recommend Gerry’s sales strategies enough. Innovative and effective. Best decision I have made in my 20 yrs of business ownership.

    Brad Smith, Owner, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Let me start off by saying what the Gerry’s sales system did for me. It did just that… It gave me a system. A process. A measurable platform from which I could see how I was achieving my goals as well as a way of setting my goals. Gerry is an encourager and a motivator (i.e butt kicker! He holds you accountable for success) that was a pleasure to work with and have him share his knowledge of the industry. You can’t go wrong with this system. I’ll give you an example of what I experienced. Some agents gave us accidental referrals. You know what that is? It’s when they tell their insureds to call a 1-800 number. And by chance, accidentally, we get the claim. After working Gerry’s system, those same agents began giving me 14 – 18 direct calls for claims each year.

    Gerry’s sales system allowed us to break free from the competition and do something different and valuable for insurance agents we’re wanting to build on for referrals. It set us apart and kept our competitors guessing how we were making the impact we were. That’s because Gerry was in the industry for many years and his experience and knowledge helped him form a great training tool for sales and leadership in the restoration industry.

    If you’re looking to build a sales team in the disaster restoration industry with a tried and true process, the Gerry’s sales system is what you need. Advanced one on one training along with group training. You’ll receive the most up to date, realistic training that’s usable from day one. I encourage you to sign up today.

    Troy Hooper, Sales Professional, Boise, Idaho