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Jul 15


For those in the Restoration Industry, we may find ourselves starting a new position. We may find ourselves starting that position maybe without confidence, understanding, or the skillset to conquer and encourage those around us to excel at the same position. I’m here to give an extraordinary testimonial for Gerry Edtl who not only is patient, but is full of wisdom, and knowledge of our industry.

Gerry Edtl knows what our small businesses need to thrive and with six months of training, courses, and teaching he can put your team on the right track. It was a pleasure to work with someone who pays attention to details, along with giving me responsibilities and goals, and holding me accountable for completing them. If I had a problem we came up with a solution. Late in the day phone calls where we would iron out issues that were current or on the rise.  We would alter my verbiage so I could implement it into our processes.

Going in it was a bit bumpy. For me, I love positivity and Gerry Edtl is full of positivity, pushing you for success not failure and to me that is refreshing knowing that your mentor is there for your complete success. So reach out to Gerry Edtl and Jordan. Stay Positive, Stay Focused, and Conquer!!!