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Aug 17

Brett Carter

After 22 months of working with Gerry, I feel like I have to share what a terrific program he offers. I’ve been in sales for 13 years, and I have never experienced a training and consulting program that comes anywhere close to this one. It’s the most comprehensive and detailed program I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen several).

Gerry’s first hand knowledge of the disaster restoration industry, combined with his sales expertise and heart for helping others improve makes his program unique. Although the training is industry specific, the principles he teaches could apply to any industry. I wish I’d had a consultant like Gerry when I began my sales career.

I’m about to complete my second year with ServiceMaster, and by my two year mark I will have more than doubled my sales for last year. Gerry teaches you how to make the most of every agent visit and turn those agents into partners. The value proposition he has developed is brilliant, and it impresses agents because it’s so unique. Many have told me that they have never heard any vendor present anything like it before. It really wows them. Although there have been some agents who didn’t respond to the value prop, it broke the ice with them and gained their attention and respect.

If you want to just be the kind of traditional marketer who drops off candy jars and cookies, make small talk and not really get anywhere, well okay. But if you want to be a sales professional who agents recognize as someone with something important to discuss, and really be set apart from the other vendors who come through their doors, call Gerry and find out how.