Insurance Agent Sales – A Master Strategy


In this intensive program you’ll learn our proven Sales Strategy to get work directly and consistently from Insurance Agents in your market. You’ll learn:

  • Our unique Value Proposition and why it’s incredibly effective at driving results
  • How to Prospect to Insurance Agents and find the Right Ones to work with
  • How to Sell to the Insurance Agent and Close the Sale with the entire Agency Staff
  • How to Deliver on Your Promise to the Insurance Agent and Agency Staff
  • How to Maintain your relationship with the Insurance Agent and Agency Staff for the life of your business

Each Module is comprised of multiple lessons to target the key components of our Sales Strategy. You’ll learn directly from Gerry and see how he puts this Sales Strategy to use. Upon completion of each Module, you’ll have a personalized 1:1 training call with Jordan to maximize your understanding and guide your implementation of this unique Sales Strategy.