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About Us


Gerry Edtl Consulting

Helping Restorers Succeed

The dynamic father-daughter duo, we are second and third generation Disaster Restoration Industry workers. With over 40 years of  experience, we’ve done it all. We know your business.

YOU are our passion. We love helping people who love helping others. We now devote our time and efforts to helping as many businesses as possible overcome the same challenges we faced when in the trenches.

Our mission is to provide you with the most phenomenal professional development experience ever. We customize our services to your needs and help you obtain significant gains quickly. Our systems are practical, simple, and ready-to-go for immediate implementation.

Our Just Cause

Partnering with people to make the world a better place.

Our Mission

  • Create the best possible strategies we can
  • Train our clients to the best of our ability
  • Provide empowering follow-up accountability
  • Help our clients achieve the best results they are capable of producing

Our Purpose

To help people develop so that we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Our Principles

Honor God – Tell the truth and keep our promises

We believe we are accountable for the work we do ultimately to God. We are accountable to our clients and their team members by providing the best possible consulting service we can for the lowest possible price.

We tell the truth and keep our promises, both personally and professionally. This is who we are as a professional consulting service. With this value we are internally motivated to bring our best self to life, work, and leadership everyday.

By being good stewards of the people placed in our lives and our relationship with them we become worthy of their trust. With trustworthiness we can be used by God to make a positive difference through our relationships.

Help People Develop – Bring out our client’s highest levels of productivity

Helping others grow and develop gives us a sense of personal satisfaction knowing we actually make a positive difference to our clients. This brings out our best, and ultimately impacts how we think and feel about ourselves as a result of the positive contribution we make to others.

We help our clients discover what to do in order to get a different result. It is not enough to simply tell them what to do; we help them make the discoveries for themselves in order to create lasting change. It is equally important that we help our clients understand the processes and procedures in practical terms so they can connect theory to application.

We help our clients consistently implement their discoveries. Therefore, we coach and mentor over the long-term, while providing empowering accountability that brings out our client’s true and best self to life, work, and leadership everyday.

Pursue Excellence – Perform the best we can each day

The pursuit of excellence is the truth about who we are and the best we can be today. It means we get the job done and we get better at getting it done. It is a direct reflection of our inner self, and is evident in our thoughts, our speech, and our actions.

As professionals we choose to think and act with appropriate optimism and empathy towards other people. Even when things seem at their worst we choose to focus on what we can do that will make a positive difference to others.

Excellence can only be pursued. As we pursue excellence we grow personally and professionally. As we grow, we can help others grow and develop too.

Grow Profitably – Create a life worth living

The saying “Sales cures all ills” is false. Not all growth is profitable for the company or the individuals in our care. Profitable growth includes our finances, but it is not limited to money. We grow personally and professionally to balance life and work to create a life worth living.

We only take on a client we believe we can make a positive difference in their business. If we do not think we are a good fit, we would rather turn down the opportunity than to take it knowing we do not believe we can make a positive difference. We are willing to have a “difficult” conversation with our clients if we are not achieving the desired results, even if it puts us at risk of losing the client.

We provide more value for our client’s investment in us. We do this when we give more time than required, offering help with other aspects of their business than what the agreement calls for. Our clients count on us to do the right thing, and by doing so we protect our reputation and build a secure future for clients and ourselves. By accomplishing this value we enjoy a sense of pride and satisfaction knowing what we do makes a difference.