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Sep 8

Leveling Up Your Customer Experience

Ever heard a customer say this, or act like it, when you arrive to meet them at their loss?

“This cannot be happening to me. I don’t have time for this! What am I going to do? Why me!”

These words, and the actions that accompany them, are grief. Crying, anxiety, frustration, stress, detachment, questioning, worry are just some of the symptoms you come face to face with in your customers every day.

Think about it, in our own industry we call what’s happening to them a “loss.” 

And they have lost something – time, the feeling of safety, control, possessions, comfort. On top of that, you are walking into their open wound and applying treatment. That stings! 

Taking what I call “human moments” with your customer is important. To enter into their grief and comfort them in some way is part of the exceptional service you offer. 

It’s easy to be “desensitized” given all you’ve seen and what you do day in and day out. But for each customer, it may be a first. It’s their home. It’s where they should feel safest and at rest, and now they don’t.

The next time you’re with a customer, pause. Imagine being them. Take a deep breath. Then approach them in all sincerity and kindness and say, 

“I am truly sorry you are experiencing this. We are going to do everything we can to help you.”  And then just listen to them, truly listen with your eyes and your heart.

Human moments – powerful.