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Apr 8

Are you participating in Programs or TPAs?

Many Restorers today are participating in some kind of direct program or third party administrator program. You need work today – this is one way to make that happen.

How balanced is your revenue? I had a client who had 80% of his work come through programs. Several shut him off at once, and he nearly had to close his business.

Could this be your story or someone you know?

I was honored to be a guest expert on R&R Magazine’s podcast “Ask the Expert” with Valerie King regarding Programs and TPAs.

You can watch or listen on their website here: https://fal.cn/3kwk0 

Our Insurance Agent Sales Strategy has helped our clients reduce their dependence on TPAs and Programs from as much as 80% down to 10%, and in some cases eliminate TPA and Program work completely.

If reducing your TPA and Program work and getting direct and consistent work yourself is of interest to you or a friend of yours, we should talk. If not, no worries at all.