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Mar 8

Client WIN 🙌 Had to Share!

Do you do traditional Insurance Agent Marketing? You know, the “routes and rounds” – basically in-person live advertising?

So many Restorers do. This is Step 1 of getting started with Insurance Agents.

Many of my clients have done just this, and they are frustrated by the lack of results. They’ve been calling on Agents for years, and have nearly zero referrals. Can you relate?

Here’s what the Restoration Industry is not talking about. The Insurance Agent’s world has changed. Obvious right? So why do we approach them the way we did 15 years ago? It’s not like you dry a job today like you did 15 years ago. That would be absurd 🤣

The solution? You need a new approach. You need to move away from agent marketing – aka live in-person advertising – and move into agent sales. You need a targeted and strategic approach for Insurance Agents. And once you have this, you’ll get referrals.

Here is text message I received from a client I’ve been working with for 4 weeks:

Sorry, I know it’s late, but I just wanted to let you know that one of my insurance agents has a background in marketing and he is SUPER impressed! I gave him your name. I told him he could look you up on LinkedIn. He was very interested and said he would be surprised if I did not receive 20 calls within the next month from this approach. Have a good evening!

Insurance Agents are Sales Professionals. A sales approach speaks their language. It causes them to want you.