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Feb 8

Should your restoration company be pursuing your local Insurance Agents?

Did you know that nearly 90% of Restorers have no idea how to effectively do Insurance Agent marketing? Most don’t even know if they should pursue Insurance Agents for referrals.

Our Insurance Agent Sales Strategy has helped our clients bring in 5 or more referrals a year per Insurance Agent from as few as 10 agents to as many as 50 agents (that’s 50 to 250 referrals a year).

I was honored to be a guest on one of Floodlight Group’s podcasts. Co-host Chris Nordyke said:

“Insurance Agents are one of the sacred cows in our industry. It’s a huge stream of potential income for restoration companies, if you do it well. And it’s not necessarily easy to do well, and the game is kind of changed.” – Chris Nordyke

I hope you can find practical, relevant, and actionable tips in this episode.