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Aug 3

The Power of “Sooner or Later”​

The Power of “Sooner or Later”​

Last time I talked to you about the “Default No” Insurance Agents give you when you call on them.

“We don’t give referrals, you have to talk to our claim department.”

They do this to get you out of their office; they don’t want to listen to you talk about yourself; they have actual business to attend to.

In reality, 60% of Insurance Agents do get involved and make referrals to their customers during a loss. They care about their customers. They believe in the promise they made to take care of them when insurance is needed.

I ended last time asking you to think about growth. After all, if you don’t want to grow, or if you don’t want to improve the current margins you’re bringing in, then reading this series is a waste of your time.

But, if you do want to grow, or if you want better margins on your current volume of work, then your next question is probably,

So how do I overcome the “Default No” with Insurance Agents?

The next time you talk to a local Insurance Agent try this:

Sooner or later I’m going to be assigned to one of your policyholders. When that happens, I want to be prepared. How can I help you when I’m working with your customer?”

Why It Works

When you do this, you INTERRUPT – even BYPASS – the “Default No.” You assume you’ll be doing business with their clients. And this is true.

  • Whether their own claim department assigns you to the loss, or
  • The customer does an internet search, or
  • A neighbor recommends you.

At some point, it’s nearly inevitable that you will in fact do business with a client of theirs. Now, NOW, you are on your way to a possible productive relationship.

Note that I said “possible productive relationship” above. The Agent’s response to this question is everything. We’ll tackle this topic together next month.

For now, I hope this helps you WIN with Insurance Agents.

See you next time!

Or, if you’d like to talk now, feel free to schedule a call with me: Talk with Gerry