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Jul 3

We don’t give referrals, you have to talk to our claim department

We don’t give referrals, you have to talk to our claim department


Heard that line before from an Insurance Agent you called on?

“We don’t give referrals, you have to talk to our claim department.”

That is what I refer to as a “Default No.” They say this to get you out of their office, with the hopes you never return to waste more of their time.


The Truth

60% of Insurance Agents do get involved when their customers have a loss. They care. They believe in their promise to take care of their client when insurance is needed. You can bet your hard earned money that these Agents do refer. They believe it’s their prerogative to ensure their customer has a phenomenal service experience.

So don’t give up. And don’t be duped. 60% of Insurance Agents in your market is a significant number. That is a huge lead source which can contribute to more well-balanced Growth for your business. Diversified Revenue Streams are vital to your long-term success.

Next month I’ll be talking more about how to respond to this objection from Insurance Agents, and even circumvent it altogether.

Your Truth

For now, ask yourself the following:

  • What was my Revenue last year?
  • Where is my Revenue tracking for this year?
  • What do I want my Revenue to be in 5 years, in 10 years, in 20?
  • What are my current sources of Revenue?
  • How Profitable are my current sources of Revenue?
  • What do my current sources of Revenue cost me?
  • If I lost 1 of my sources of Revenue, what impact would that have? If I lost 2? If I lost the biggest?
  • What does a Profitable company enable me to do? Why is that important to me? What does it mean for my life now and in the future?

I hope this helps set you up to WIN with Insurance Agents.

See you next time!

Or, if you’d like to talk, feel free to schedule a call with me: Talk with Gerry