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Jun 3

For Disaster Restoration Business Owners Who’ve Fired Another Unsuccessful Sales Professional, Read This

Another Unsuccessful Sales Professional

If you’re a disaster restoration business owner with a sales/marketing/bdm person, this story should light your fire 🔥😠

(and, if it prevents even one business owner from pulling your hair out, murdering another failing team member, and throwing your hard earned money down the toilet due to lack of results, this story is worth sharing)

You see, one of my clients has been in the disaster restoration industry for years. Like everyone, he was desperate to get leads for his business.

But the problem was, he had zero desire to be in a sales role and zero sales know-how (to be honest, he would rather take a beating in the parking lot than do sales work).

So what’s a guy to do?

He hired a “sales professional”! Yup, he hired an “expert” to join his team and generate leads for his business.


Smart move, right?


Months went by. ZERO leads.

The “sales professional” was in the office every day. They appeared to be doing work. They swore they were busting their butt.

But the proof is in the pudding (and this pudding was rancid 🤢)

Being the good business owner he was, he went to his franchisor for solutions.

Did they have anything to help his “sales professional”? Did they have a specific “sales system” and a “selling strategy”?



He got on various forums for disaster restoration companies asking for advice and help. A lot of other business owners shared the same experience.

Most had marketing down pat – inbound leads from SEO, PPC, a TPA or Franchisor, etc.

Very few were crushing the sales arena – outbound leads from strategic relationships built within the community.

Some had figured out Plumbers. Others Subs. None with phenomenal results.

No one had “the” solution. Everyone was on their own.

So what did this business owner do?

Fire & Repeat

He fired his sales professional. Months of salary and benefits wasted. Zero results. What a waste!

The next year, he was still desperate to build his company through Sales. He still didn’t want to do it himself. He thought, “maybe my last hire was just a bad apple.”

So he tried again. He hired another “sales professional.”

Want to guess what happened? (I can feel you cringing from here)

Yup, you’re right. The exact same thing: NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH.

Outraged, the business owner fired this sales professional too.

The Lesson


It was a painful lesson for him to learn….

The Solution

And then finally, another disaster restoration business owner in his group of connections reached out to him to ask if he’d ever talked to Gerry Edtl.

What an unusual name! Why no, he’d never talked to Gerry. Who was he?

Gerry Edtl is our industry’s Sales Guru. He’ll have the Sales Strategy your business needs.

“Really?” He thought. “Is this too good to be true?”

He didn’t have any more to lose. Couldn’t hurt to talk to Gerry…

So he did. And…


  • Effective Sales Strategy: ✔️
  • Help Hiring The RIGHT Sales Professional: ✔️
  • Coaching & Training for the Sales Professional: ✔️
  • Results: ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️!

For the first time in all his years of business, he was growing his business at phenomenal margins and manageable speed.

He had found an outstanding strategy for his sales professional.

His sales professional was getting the help they needed and producing stellar results.

And his sales professional did it all simply by having relaxed conversations with local insurance agents in the market – without selling…without stress.

Our Free Training

Want to know what this strategy is all about? We teach it on a special training video.

Which you can watch right now. It’s only 27 minutes long.

>> https://gerryedtl.com/free-training/

Now, I know you’re probably thinking…

“But we’ve tried local agents before, it’s never worked. Would this really be any different than before?”

The answer is YES…

(well, as long as you genuinely care about people, do business with integrity, and are open to rethinking how you think about local insurance agents, then the answer is a resounding YES)

And we’d love to show you how.

Or you might be thinking…

“I don’t want to do sales. Why should I attend? Would this help me?”

The answer is YES…It’ll give you a new approach to consider, and if you like the style and want to work with us, we can help you hire the right fit person for the role and train them in this exact strategy.

The Why

Now just to be crystal clear…

This training isn’t going to be a bunch of fluff or vaguely shrouded theory…

When you attend, I’m going to show you exactly what’s working in my client’s business right now, and you’re going to get a real world, actionable strategy that you can implement right away.

So if you’re…

➡️ Sick of your sales professional failing to bring the results you want

➡️ Terrified of wasting salary and benefits on a non-producer

➡️ Disgusted with not having an effective sales strategy

➡️ And Tired of not having the Revenue you want to live the life you dream

Then our free training is gonna be a breath of fresh air because I’m going to show you a simple stress-free strategy that not only transformed my client’s business but it’ll allow you to generate direct referrals that you own and control.

What you will learn in this free training:

❇️ How much revenue you could gain from local insurance agents in your market (and evaluate if it’s worth it to you)

❇️ How to know which agents to work with (and which to avoid like the plague)

❇️ How to talk to an insurance agent (all without a pitch, a sales script, or gimmick)

There’s no cost to attend, but we only have room for 5 businesses in our current schedule, should you decide you want to move forward with us.

So take the training now through the link below!

>> https://gerryedtl.com/free-training/

See you there!