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Apr 3

My Disaster Restoration Business Owner Is A GOAT 😂

My Disaster Restoration Business Owner Is A GOAT 😂

Yes, it’s true one of my recent clients, a disaster restoration business owner, is now officially a GOAT. And he loves it 😂

What’s a GOAT you may be asking? Are you one?

A GOAT is the Greatest Of All Time. Specifically he’s a GOAT at getting his local insurance agents to refer directly to him.

Now he wasn’t always this way. In fact, he and his brother had been in business together for years and years.

They had built up a phenomenal reputation in their community for their quality and care.

They were bringing in $1M each year and all without any sales or marketing.

Now I’m sure you’re thinking,

“Sounds great! They don’t have a problem.”

But they did.

Their Problem

They wanted to GROW. They wanted to double their revenue.

They bought a second franchise to help.

They started up some marketing.

But no matter what they did, they hit a wall they just couldn’t get over.


They were phenomenal with customers.

They had fantastic relationship building skills.

Their community loved them.

🤔🤔🤔 What were they missing?

They wanted to diversify their revenue stream.

Even though they got program work being a part of a franchise system, they wanted to get more work and get it themselves. They wanted ownership and equity in their leads.

And then it hit them!

Their Solution


They knew Agents were a big part of this industry.

They got some referrals from Agents but they never could get past the gatekeeper to talk directly to the Agent.

They knew the power of Agents. They understood the revenue potential.

They wanted 10-20 Agents who would refer to them. They knew this would double their revenue.

This would be the key to their growth goal.

But they had no idea how to get them. They couldn’t even get in the door with Agents.

And then they met us 😃

How We Helped

They learned how to talk to the local insurance agents in their market.

They got past the gatekeeper.

They went from technicians who built a business, to owners who could generate referrals for their business.

It was AWESOME!!!!!!

Now, they’ll tell you…the road to get there wasn’t always easy. In fact, they had high anxiety and nearly zero confidence when they started.

But today, they’ve generated hundreds of direct referrals from their local insurance agents. In one week alone, they got 17! 💰💰💰

And he did it all simply by having relaxed conversations with local insurance agents in his market – without selling…without stress.

Take Our Free Training

It’s exactly what we’re going to be teaching you how to do on a special training video.

Which you can watch right now. It’s only 27 minutes long.


Now, I know you’re probably thinking…

“I don’t know…is there really any money in my market from agents?”

The answer is YES!

(well as long as you have local insurance agents who sell property and casualty insurance, then YES)

Or you might be thinking…

“But I’ve tried local agents before, it’s never worked. Would this really be any different than before?”

The answer is YES…

(well, as long as you genuinely care about people, do business with integrity, and are open to rethinking how you think about local insurance agents, then the answer is a resounding YES)

And we’d love to show you how.

Or you could be thinking…

“I get referrals from my local agents now. Why should I? Would this help me?”

The answer is YES…

(well, as long as you care, have integrity, and are open to a new idea that will bring in even more referrals from your local agents.)

The Why

Now just to be crystal clear…

This training isn’t going to be a bunch of fluff or vaguely shrouded theory…

When you attend, I’m going to show you exactly what’s working in my client’s business right now, and you’re going to get a real world, actionable strategy that you can implement right away.

So if you’re…

➡️ Hitting a growth wall

➡️ Frustrated at the lack of results you’re getting from your efforts

➡️ Determined to generate Referrals for your business

➡️ Irritated that you haven’t yet opened the floodgates

➡️ And Tired of not having the Revenue you want to live the life you dream

Then our free training is gonna be a breath of fresh air because I’m going to show you a simple stress-free strategy that not only transformed my client’s business but it’ll allow you to generate direct referrals that you own and control.

There’s no cost to attend, but we only have room for 5 business owners in our current schedule should you decide you want to move forward with us.

So take the training now through the link below!


See you there.