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Feb 3

The $4 Million Dollar Opportunity

The $4 Million Dollar Opportunity

Let me tell you about two restoration owners. Both were roughly the same age, with the same abilities. The same instructors in the science of restoration trained them both. They both completed their training and started their restoration companies at the same time. Both were in markets that are the same in every way.

These owners were excited and full of determination to succeed at building a successful business. Two years later their paths crossed at a workshop. Both were happy, both were living their dream.

With One Exception…

One was running a business with a couple of trucks and a handful of people doing $1 million a year.

The other has a staff of people producing over $4 million a year.

What’s the difference? What did the one know that the other didn’t? The answer is the $4 million dollar question. The $1 million dollar owner had no idea how much opportunity was coming in the front door and walking right out the back door, unseen, unnoticed, and untouched.

Here’s what the $4 million dollar owner knew that the other didn’t…

✅ Every homeowner has homeowners insurance, right?

✅ Every insurance policy has an insurance agent, correct?

✅ Little known fact: The average insurance agency will have 20 losses every year.

✅ If the average loss is $3,500 what is the potential per insurance agent?

✅ _$______________________


Your Turn

Now, let’s say you do 10 homeowner jobs a month or 120 a year

And let’s assume that all of these customers have homeowners insurance, including the self-pays

Just for the sake of argument, let’s assume only half of your customers have a local insurance agent

In one year that means there are 60 local agents (out of the jobs you are already doing), and they each average 20 losses a year, and the average loss is $3,500

What’s The Opportunity?


Relax; I’m not saying you can get $4.2 million dollars from these insurance agents. What I am trying to do is get you to stop ignoring your customer’s insurance agent.


Don’t Believe Me?

Now before you say something like, “Oh, insurance agent marketing doesn’t work,” you might consider Barry Katz who sold over $1 million from insurance agents in one year. And Troy Hopper who used to get as he said, “accidental referrals” and now those same agents send 14 to 18 losses a year. And Sara Kantner who after six months now has over 20 partner agents who send her everything they’ve got.

The issue isn’t that agent marketing doesn’t work anymore. The issue is the way we’ve been doing agent marketing for the last 20 years hasn’t changed much… routes and rounds, stopping in, dropping something off, and rolling on to the next agent office.  How much value does that really add to the agent and their agency?

It’s Time To Add REAL Value To The Agent And Their Agency

To add REAL value, try this simple exercise on your next homeowner job, Insurance pay or Self-pay it doesn’t matter. Because the homeowner has homeowners insurance, and that means there just might be a local insurance agent.

Ask your customer to tell you the name of their agent. Once you know who your customer’s insurance agent is, pick up the phone and call them.

Not sure what to say? Borrow these three simple phrases so you can have a meaningful conversation after you introduce yourself:

  1. I’m working for your insured, Mrs. Jones who has water damage
  2. I’ll be talking with her later and I wanted to ask you if there is any message I could give her for you?
  3. Thanks, I’ll do it for you.

Congratulations, you’re adding REAL Value To The Agent and their agency! Plus, you’ve just stopped ignoring the biggest untapped opportunity in your business… The $4 Million Dollar Sales Opportunity Your Competitors Never See 😎