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Sep 9

Tips To Success, Issue 21

September | Solutions Newsletter | 2020


Gerry Edtl Sales Tip #15

Multiple Streams!

You have got to have more than one pond you’re fishing from. What if someone else is catching the fish? What if the fish are unhealthy? What if the water dries up? Your sales pipeline is your livelihood. And most likely the livelihood of many other individuals at your company. You have to diversify your lead sources.

Let’s get practical. List all your current lead sources on a piece of paper. Now hide one source one at a time and ask yourself:

  • Could my business survive off the remaining sources?
  • For how long?
  • In what capacity/state?
  • Who owns the source – myself, an entity I pay for leads?

My question for you is this, How safe do you feel? What are you going to do to make yourself even safer?



Gerry Edtl Sales Tip #16

Keep It All About THEM!

I have to tell you something you might not like hearing. Your prospect does not care about YOU. They care about themselves and their own problems. It is a waste of your time and theirs to talk to them about yourself, your products, your services, your competitive advantage – anything that has to do with you. Your job is to get them to talk about their problems.

In listening to their problems, in drawing out what causes them the greatest pain, can you truly determine if you are able to provide a solution. When your prospect FEELS heard and understood, they like you. You’ve demonstrated you can be trusted. If you’ve done the conversation right, the prospect will ask you if and how you can help them. Now is the time you can share. You’ve earned the right and been asked to help. Keep it about them; you’ll get more sales with less stress.



Sales Tip: Carnegie Principle #21

Throw Down A Challenge

For the love of the game! Throw down a challenge. If you’re a sales professional without a manager who sets hard numbers for you to hit (visits made, products sold, leads generated, etc.) throw down your own each and every week – even every day! This makes work a game. And games are meant to be won! I dare you – throw down your numbers. Push yourself; let the goal stretch you. Make it happen!


How To Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie