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Aug 5

Tips To Success, Issue 20

August | Solutions Newsletter | 2020


Gerry Edtl Sales Tip #13

Play The Long Game

In life and business we all need quick wins. However, if we only ever play for quick wins we may win the short-game battles but lose the war. Here’s an example from my business: If I only invest in in-bound lead generation (Ads, SEO, etc.) I will win the short-game battle and get leads in. But I don’t own those leads. I am forever beholden to the companies that provide my in-bound leads. How is that ROI in 2 years, in 5 years, in 10?

However, if I play the long game in my business, I might just win the war. If I invest in Selling my services, in going out and finding my own leads, I am beholden to no one but myself. I own the lead-source, not some other entity. In other words, you could say I own the water rights, not just pay a water bill. Sales is the Long Game. Find out how to own your own water rights and win the war!

Gerry Edtl Sales Tip #14

Quick To Rise Quick To Fall, Slow To Rise Far To Go

What I have found to be the case more often than not in the last 40 years is, prospects who are quick to rise – to pop up into your funnel – quickly fizzle out and rarely convert to a sale. Don’t fall for their demands to your schedule! The ROI is just not there.

What I have found is, those prospects you invest time in and cultivate over a long period of time, those are the ones who buy. And not just once. When you build the relationship right, they buy into you. They become repeat customers who eventually become raving fans for you. Take time to get dirty and do the hard work of cultivation. It pays dividends. Ignore the fast sprouting weeds; they are not your real harvest.

Culture Tip: Carnegie Principle #20

Dramatize Your Ideas

Who doesn’t connect and perk up for a great story? The more you can dramatize your ideas, tell stories, share real experiences, the more engaged your people will be.


How To Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie