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Jan 8

Tips To Success, Issue 14

January Productivity Newsletter 2020


Gerry Edtl Sales Tip #1

Know What You Sell

I can’t tell you the number of sales professionals who talk to me – trying to get me to buy from them – who have absolutely no idea what they really sell. They tell me all about a specific product or service, but that’s not really what they sell.

For example, you may think I sell an Insurance Agent Sales Process and Training System. And I do. But what I really sell is a Business Habit Change Program.

Right now my clients have a habit of ignoring one of their customers on nearly every job they work: the Insurance Agent. I help them develop a new and effective habit of engaging the Insurance Agent and developing that Agent into a consistent and direct referral stream for years to come.

What I really sell: habit change that leads to lifelong stability and financial freedom.

What do you really sell?

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Gerry Edtl Sales Tip #2

Your Pipeline Is EVERYTHING

I cannot emphasize this enough. The sales of your future directly come out of your pipeline today. If your pipeline today is not full, your sales will be low in the days to come. And the QUANTITY of your pipeline is not the only priority.

The QUALITY of your pipeline matters even more. You can have a full pipeline of the worst prospects and suspects in your market, and it will result in low sales. Instead, it’s better to focus your attention on having a pipeline full of viable and ideal potential clients.

Your pipeline today determines your sales in the future. Pay attention to it!

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Culture Tip: Carnegie Principle #14

Get the other person saying “yes, yes” immediately

Such a simple psychological application. We’re creatures of habit. If you can get people¬†to say yes early and keep saying yes, they will more often than not keep saying yes when it’s time for them to take action based on your direction. For example:

Are you a business leader?

Are you constantly on the lookout to improve your leadership game?

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How To Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie