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Oct 9

Tips To Success, Issue 11

October Productivity Newsletter 2019


Sales Tip: Sandler Rule #21

Sell Today, Educate Tomorrow

Stop telling your prospects all about you! I mean it. Stop talking about everything under the sun your product or service can do. Your prospect doesn’t care. They care about their problems and challenges. Your job in selling is to make the prospect share what they really want and what would cause them to buy from you. The only way to discover this is when they talk. So dialogue. Ask questions. Remember and apply the earlier Sandler Rules.

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Sales Tip: Sandler Rule #22

Only Give A Presentation For The “Kill”

This rule is gold! It means that you have properly pre-qualified your prospect to the degree that you know you are the solution they are looking for and will absolutely buy when you make the pitch. Following this rule will save you tremendous amounts of time and energy.

To take on the hunting analogy, you have gotten the prospect in your sights (pre-qualified), and you can pull the trigger and bag your trophy (close the sale). Nothing is worse in hunting than watching your perfect prey through the sight, pulling the trigger, and missing by fractions of an inch.

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Culture Tip: Carnegie Principle #11

Show respect for the other person’s opinions; Never say, “You are wrong.”

Regardless of what the “truth” of the situation is, people will think and feel as they do. They will be convinced their perspective is the right perspective. People want to be heard.

When interacting with people, telling a person they are wrong immediately raises walls, puts them on the defense, and leads to an argument. Remember Principle 10 from last month: Avoid arguments!



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