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Jul 10

Tips To Success, Issue 8

July Productivity Newsletter 2019


Sales Tip: Sandler Rule #15

The Best Sales Presentation You Will Ever Give, The Prospect Will Never See

Again, it’s all about THEM. Engaging THEM. Getting THEM to talk and open up. Helping THEM talk through THEIR own challenges.

I have to tell you something you might not like. I do this because I care about you and want you to be successful. Ready? Your prospects DO NOT care about you. Giving them a presentation on how you’re the best, all you can do, how you’ve unlocked the next innovative idea – they DO NOT care!

Your prospects care about one thing, and one thing only. THEMSELVES. They are looking out for number one. So how do you get their business? You:

  1. Stop selling yourself
  2. Start engaging them about them, their needs, their hurts, their interests
  3. Apply all the other Sandler Rules to this point

And then, because you’ve properly qualified your prospect on the front end by learning all about them and learning if you are even the right solution to their problem, there will be no need for a presentation. The sale will simply be the logical next step in your relationship.

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Sales Tip: Sandler Rule #16

Never Ask For The Order – Make The Prospect Give Up

The best position to place yourself in when selling is Peer-to-Peer. It’s about collaborating together to solve a problem. It’s about mutual benefit. When you ask for the order, you place the prospect above you and alter the relationship dynamics. Therefore you need to put on your consulting hat and keep the prospect talking about their pain, their challenge, until they hurt so much they ask for your help to solve their problem. Congratulations! You’ve now made a sale.

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Culture Tip: Carnegie Principle #8

Talk In Terms Of The Other Person’s Interests

You want to improve communication with your team? Follow this rule. In other words, speak their language, adjust to them.

For example, if you want to engage me, just ask me about Little League Umpiring! This is my hobby and I love it. If I were to “speak” sales to myself using baseball I might say, every pitch that is thrown is like a suspect. Some pitches become prospects when they enter the strike zone. Some of those become buyers when the bat makes contact. Watch for the right pitch and then by all means swing away!

Now I chose sales as the example because that’s my full-time profession. But let’s say I was a technician and you were concerned about the quality of my work. You might be able to say:

Gerry, our work here is a lot like your hobby of Umpiring. Our job is to make sure we call the fairest game we can for both teams – the homeowner, and our company. It’s important we make every call as accurately as possible. So Gerry, even if that means you have to work slower to get the job done exactly right, that’s what I want you to do. Because this is how you call the fairest game. Or Gerry, if that means you call in another field Umpire to verify your call at the plate, I want you to do that. Ask a lead tech or supervisor how your work is going. This helps us get it exactly right.

And because you’ve taken the time to talk to me in a language I speak, I’m tracking with you and better understand not just WHAT you’re asking me, but WHY you’re asking me: to call the fairest game possible.



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