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Apr 3

Tips To Success, Issue Five

April Productivity Newsletter 2019

Included in this month’s issue are Two More Killer Sales Tips and One More Phenomenal Culture Tip. Put these to work today!


Sales Tip: Sandler Rule #9

Every Unsuccessful Prospecting Call Earns Compound Interest

This ties back to an earlier rule: You Have To Learn To Fail To Win. Unsuccessful prospecting calls are excellent LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES. I have learned so much more from my “bad” calls/visits than my good ones. Commit to learning from your unsuccessful calls. If you do and apply what you learn, you’ll hone your craft and be on your way to phenomenal selling!

Ask yourself: What happened? What caused it to happen that way? What can I learn? What can I do differently next time?


Sales Tip: Sandler Rule #10

Develop A Prospecting Awareness

Are you like me and sometimes have tunnel vision? I can look at a room of people I’ve never met and quickly put them in buckets: people I want to talk to, and people I don’t. The reality Sandler reminds me of is that every single person in that room is a suspect, AND every one of those suspects could be a viable prospect if I take the time to engage with them. Let’s take the tunnel vision goggles off and really make sure we aren’t missing potential buyers.

Culture Tip: Carnegie Principle #5


So simple, but so powerful. I dare you to smile at each person you see today. And hold the cheese, please. A genuine smile can melt the iciest person. When you smile, other people smile back. This creates positive feedback in the brain’s chemistry and promotes good feelings. Conversation will flow much easier. Stuck on the phone all day? That’s ok! Smile away! A smile can be heard through the phone and will have the same effect.



The Sandler Rules, David Mattson
How To Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie