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Mar 6

Tips To Success, Issue Four

March Productivity Newsletter 2019

Included in this month’s issue are Two More Killer Sales Tips and One More Phenomenal Culture Tip. Put these to work today!


Sales Tip: Sandler Rule #7

You Never Have To Like Prospecting, You Just Have To Do It

Hah! So true. So unappealing. Thank you Sandler for bluntly saying so. Another sales pro I admire says it this way: Eat the Frog! The longer you look at it the less and less appealing it becomes. Prospecting is a mental battle. Part of overcoming the mental barrier to prospecting is having a phenomenal and effective strategy, and then preparing well. Are you wanting to prospect to Insurance Agents in your market? If so, download for free one of our killer prospecting strategies straight from our homepage: www.gerryedtl.com


Sales Tip: Sandler Rule #8

When Prospecting, Go For The Appointment

Prospecting is NOT selling. Prospecting is FINDING PEOPLE to sell to. This takes the pressure off. All you must do when you identify a good prospect is to ASK FOR THE APPOINTMENT. Nothing but asking for appointments can lead to sales. Trust me. I’ve been wrestling with this truth a lot lately. Asking for the appointment is within your control. Now go ask!

Need help with that conversation? Try this: John, it’s been great to talk to you. May I make a suggestion? Based on what you’ve shared, I think it would make sense for us to sit down and talk further about you and how I may be able to help. How would next Wednesday at 2:00 be for you?

The worst they can say is no. The best they can say is yes. You’ve got nothing to lose. Ask!


Culture Tip: Carnegie Principle #4

Become Genuinely Interested In Other People

Key word: genuinely. People don’t care how much you know – or how great your product or service is, or your pay and benefits – until they know how much you care about them. So, you want to retain your employees? Become genuinely interested in them! Get to know them. Ask questions. Invest. Learn about them. In doing so you will discover their needs and wants and learn whether or not you can support them in their dreams. This investment of your time, attention, and care will plant and nurture the seeds of loyalty. People will be with you through thick and thin when you demonstrate the same to them.

Need help getting started? Try this: How are you doing? (let them respond) Now tell me how you’re really doing? How’s your (family, kids, dog, friend, hobby, etc)? (choose a specific, and be genuinely interested!)




The Sandler Rules, David Mattson
How To Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie