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Nov 7

Tips To Success, Issue Two

November Productivity Newsletter 2018

Included in this month’s issue are Two More Killer Sales Tips and One More Phenomenal Culture Tip. Put these to work today!



Sales Tip: Sandler Rule #3

No Mutual Mystification

Let me be clear, as a sales professional – and yes, Business Owner you are a sales professional – it is your job to demystify everything with your customer and/or prospect. What this means is you recap conversations by 1) reviewing the details and specifics, and 2) asking if there is anything to add or clarify. No misunderstandings. No unfulfilled (unspoken) expectations. So whether the “prospect” or “customer” is your employee, a homeowner, a referral source, or a vendor, your job is to:

  1. Review the details and specifics
  2. ASK if there is anything to add or clarify (no assuming because we know what happens when we do that, and no barking orders)


Sales Tip: Sandler Rule #4

A Decision Not to Make a Decision is a Decision

As a favorite Sales Trainer of mine says, “Get to NO fast!” Give your prospect permission to tell you “No.” This saves you time and them time, which ultimately translates into dollars saved.




Culture Tip: Carnegie Principle #2

Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation

People can smell a phony from miles away. When you are interacting with people, you must be authentic! This means you are honest and sincere in your gratitude for them. If you aren’t, it’s better to remain silent than offer phony praise.





The Sandler Rules, David Mattson
How To Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie