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Sep 5

Get Clear to Get Results – How Your Message Can Change Everything!

Did you know you can get work from Insurance Agents? And not only work, but CONSISTENT and DIRECT work?




Your helpful tip this month is to GET CLEAR and TAKE ACTION. After 8 years, Gerry Edtl Consulting is now clear about what we do, and we’ve taken action¬†by:

  • Revising our website – and it is STELLAR, don’t you agree?! (thank you (a)squaredstudios!)
  • Creating a promotional video – and it ROCKS, best video you’ve seen in a while, huh?! (thank you Silverman Studios!)
  • Writing a KILLER Ultimate Guide to Insurance Agent Conversations – and it’s FREE for you, did you download it yet?! (thank you Gerry Edtl!)


Start getting Direct and Consistent leads from Insurance Agents today.

Open up new revenue streams now!

Own your leads and quit paying other parties for potential work. 




Ready to TAKE ACTION? Schedule a free evaluation call with Gerry now!