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Nov 8

A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way

Can Thanks Really Boost My Bottom Line?

You better believe it can! I’m sure it seems silly, but taking a moment to say out-loud the things you are thankful for will make a true dollar and cent difference.
Why? Because human beings work at higher levels of efficiency and productivity when there is proper balance between eustress and distress (positive and negative).
So much of the daily grind is distress. This causes us to save our energy, retreat within ourselves, give up before that big break through, and divert our attention to our electronic devices.
Giving thanks out-loud turns our attention from the distress around us to the positive and uplifting stress that makes life worth it. Once you are on a roll of saying out-loud all the things you are grateful for, your mind “sees” them, wonderful chemicals called dopamine are released throughout your body, and you feel good. Get enough of these circulating and you feel great! The better you feel the more efficient and productive you are. So yes! Giving thanks really does provide a boost.
Not sure you believe me? I dare you to do it! Right now! Stop and say out-loud all the things that you are thankful for. Keep it going until you run out and/or reach a state of lightness – of positivity – of feeling good.
Need help getting started?

  1. A place to work
  2. Transportation to get there
  3. Fresh air
  4. A bed to sleep on
  5. Clothes to wear
  6. (keep going! you got this! go for 10)
Now, don’t you feel better? Then get back to work and enjoy the boost! Spread the word to your teammates and give everybody the boost they need.