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Mar 8

A Look At The Whole Truth Regarding The Problem With Agent Marketing

The “Other Truths” To Consider

whole truth
Recently I have been fascinated at the number of people (contractors and consultants alike) who are adamant that Agent Marketing is a waste of time.
Many say Agents no longer refer. They are simply too busy to talk with customers during a loss. Even if they weren’t, their customers all call the 800 number so there is little chance of referring anyway.
Others say Agents only refer contractors who they have extremely deep relationships with. And, by the way – these Agents are no longer building deep relationships so if you don’t already have one it’s too late for you.
Still other people I have spoken with say Agents do not get involved with losses. “They aren’t allowed to get involved”, I hear people say. Let me be clear: They may not beallowed” to get involved with claims; BUT they are obligated to deliver customer service.
I have also heard people say Third Party Administrators are the only guarantee for work today. Side note – I wonder if anyone stopped to imagine that if all contractors joined Third Party Administrators how much work would really exist to go around. Not enough I think.
Heard those arguments before, haven’t you? Said those things yourself? I’m not saying they aren’t true. I’m just saying they aren’t the whole truth.
The truth is: there is a problem with Agent Marketing. The Agent’s world has changed. They are facing two very real threats to their survival: 1) Becoming a price driven commodity, and 2) Direct competition with the companies they sell for. These threats have resulted in the current operating system we see in the market today.
It is also why the old sales message of “Recommend me because…” doesn’t interest them. Today the agent wants to know, “What can you do for me and my agency?” Only an answer of significant value will cause the Agent to get involved during losses. Only an answer that differentiates you from everyone else will earn you the referral.
So what are you going to do? Will you explore the whole truth of Agent Marketing before making one of the most important business decisions of this decade?
If you’re interested in discussing the whole story of today’s Problem with Agent Marketing call 615-948-3065.