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Jan 4

Be Resolute This Year!

Want to hear an astonishing statistic from the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology? Only 8% of people in America are successful at achieving their New Year’s resolutions. Eight people in 100 will achieve their goals.
For those of us who aren’t the 8 in 100 above, I have slightly more encouraging news. 49% of people in America reach some of their New Year’s resolutions, just not all of them. In other words, most people are hitting a C or B average in goal achievement this year. Not bad – right?
Let’s think about this. What if to remain financially secure in business this year, you needed to increase your margin by 5%. “Some” success on 5% margin doesn’t sound like much of an option does it? You either reach 5%, or you will have to undergo a major overhaul on your business to keep the doors open.
What if this year you could make and attain one resolution that would move you from the ranking of “some success” to “success”? Just one resolution. One sounds very achievable. Let’s say this one resolution created “success” on 5% margin. What a year you would have!
Resolve this year to participate in our newest Accountability Service. Our team will meet with you for one hour each month to hold you accountable to the other resolutions and business goals you have committed to for 2017. All you have to do is sign up and show up. Very doable indeed!
See our package offerings below. Choose the one that’s right for you. Call today! Prove the statistics wrong and become part of the 8% this year. 615-948-3065.

2017 Accountability Service Packages

1 one-hour call each month
2 one-hour calls each month



4 one-hour calls each month

Still not convinced this is the one resolution worth making and keeping this year? Hear what others have to say:


Call today. Achieve your business goals this year. 615-948-3065.