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Jul 8

Productivity Boost – July

When you went into business you had a dream. Perhaps along the lengthy way you became discouraged and placed your dream aside. American motivational speaker Earl Nightingale made the comment:
Ready to do something about it?
Your task:
Take 5 minutes right now, and write down 1 dream (personal or professional) that you have. Yes, right now. We’ll wait. Seriously, it is that important.
Then, place that piece of paper somewhere you will see it every day – find that place now and put it there. Go on, get up if you need to. Do it now.
Good job. Keep your eye on that goal line. Every day. Say it out loud. Keep it alive. Allow it to inspire you.
Challenge activity:
Go to two or three of the people you work closely with.
Have them complete the same exercise.
Encourage each other during this month to make progress toward seeing your dreams realized. Together, you can go further.