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Apr 16

Precious Sons and Daughters


It was a beautiful June day in Aspen, an idyllic setting for an outdoor wedding. My wife and I sat under the tent and watched the father walk his daughter down the aisle. People whispered about how beautiful she looked. I could physically feel the joy they were experiencing. Having by that time walked my own two daughters down the aisle, I deeply related to the emotions my friend was feeling as he spoke the words I’ve heard many times: “Her mother and I give our daughter to be wed to this young man.” He sat down and held his wife’s hand with happiness as they watched the marriage take place.

Into my mind came this thought: “I know that’s not what he is really thinking. He is thinking, ‘Look here, young man. Her mother and I brought this precious child of ours into this world. We’ve given her all the love and support we could possibly give, and we expect you, through this marriage, to enable her to continue to be everything she was meant to be. We are entrusting you with this sacred obligation. Do you understand that, young man?’”

Isn’t that the hope of every father as he sees his daughter getting married? My thoughts went immediately to all the people who work for us around the world—all those precious people whose parents also want them to have the opportunity to discover, develop, share, and be appreciated for their gifts and to live lives of meaning and purpose. I thought to myself, “My God! We have seven thousand people, and each and every one of them is somebody’s precious child. Don’t all the parents of our team members hope and expect us to be responsible stewards of their precious children’s lives?”

Excerpt From: Bob Chapman & Raj Sisodia, “Everybody Matters” pages 66-67.

This picture sure inspires me! It also terrifies me at the same time. What tremendous responsibility we as leaders have towards our people. They have been entrusted to our care. May we be found worthy of that trust.