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Aug 2

What Agents Want #2

What Agents Want #2: Help The Agent Retain Their Customer.
When the agent’s customer has a loss and reports a claim the promise the agent made of insurance coverage is tested. Because the agent doesn’t actually fulfill their promise they are at risk of losing their customer due to the actions or inactions of those of us involved with the claim. Also, most agents rarely if ever go to the loss site and visit with their customer. Their industry has changed rapidly and they don’t have time to go to their customer’s loss site. That reality creates a golden opportunity for you.
Restoration companies learned a long time ago the importance of protecting the interests of the insurance claims adjuster. We’ve all learned the hard way what happens when we allow the adjuster to be blindsided. It’s time to add the interests of the insurance agent. Next time you are with an agent, try asking this question, “How does your customer’s satisfaction with you and your agency, effect your customer retention during a claim?” After you ask this question, call me and I’ll show you how you can help this agent retain more customers during losses or claims.