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Jul 2

What Agents Want #1

What Agents Want #1: Help The Agent’s Customer Realize The Value Of Their Agent.
One of the threats facing the local insurance agent is the “Internet” companies and the “800” companies who are selling on price. Top agents know if they are not careful they will become a price driven commodity. In some respects the local agent is in the fight for their survival as a local insurance professional. So what separates the local agent from the Internet and 800 companies?
You and I may have opinions, and respectfully what you and I think isn’t the point. What the local agent thinks is what matters. When you ask a local agent this question, “What separates you from Internet and 800 companies?” you better be ready to listen actively and take a lot of notes. When you finish your agent interview, call me and I’ll show you how you can help this agent separate themselves with their customer when you are the one assigned to their loss. When you learn how to do help the agent separate themselves consistently, you will have an insurance agent willing to use his or her influence to get you on their next loss.