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Jul 15

From One Agent to Another

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Hello Guys,
I know there has been a lot of discussion/concern with regards to property claims and response time. Our property adjusters are spread way too thin and often times this is creating a great deal of frustration for our clients.
*John is the kind of vendor that is a lifesaver in this circumstance. He and his team advocate to be our first line adjuster (so to speak) and the feedback from clients has been exceptional. He has a value proposition for his business partners and I think he would be a great person to have speak at a district meeting. Agents need someone like *John to rely on for a timely response to customer claims (or possible claims). I know the adjusters depend on him as well.
For each call his company responds to, they strike up conversations with our insured’s about insurance reviews, life changing events, suggested coverages, etc. In this case, we learned the couple just had a baby and has an alarm system. We added the alarm discount, added back up sewer coverage, sent a baby gift and quoted life insurance. All spurred by *John’s follow-up.
He’s been in the business for years and he is a great speaker. As I said above, he is a good to advocate for our *Insurance Agency and the agents. Some of the newer agents might benefit from an introduction to *John and his team.
Have a great holiday weekend,
*Highly Satisfied Partner Agent