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Apr 2


MISCONCEPTION #4: Agents Like “Marketing” Visits.
Somewhere along the way we have turned into professional office visitors instead of salespeople. The idea that you can gain their trust because they like you is only partially true. Yes they must like you, but they must also respect and trust you. When you add value to their agency, they will like you, they will respect you, and they will trust you with their reputation by recommending you to their most valued asset… their customer.
If you still think agents like office visitors you better not read this quote from an insurance agent I know, “Most companies have marketers that just pop in, say hi and dump off pens and notepads or some other goodies. Most all of them are nice people and are good at making general conversation about the weather or the recent game or whatever else is happening, and when they leave we put their stuff in a drawer with everyone else’s stuff.”