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Mar 2


MISCONCEPTION #3: All Agents Are Prospects And Should Be Called On Every Month.
Take a random list of 100 insurance agent offices. The “80/20 Rule” will tell you that 20 agents have 80% of the business. I can tell you from experience there are another 20 agents right below the top performers who are working hard to get into the top 20% group. That means out of 100 agent offices there are 40 really good prospects that are going to have 90% of the claims.
Understand the power of focusing on the top 40% and when you do you will have more time for more productive sales activities. Don’t get fooled into thinking you’ve got to see everyone. The truth is not everyone is a good prospect. So what makes a good prospective agent and how do you know who they are?
Ask open ended questions, the kind that start with What, How, Why. Avoid closed questions that end with either Yes or No response. Get them talking about their business and they will open up to you, after all who doesn’t like talking about their business. Good Agents will have meaningful responses and engage in conversation around your open-ended questions.