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Jan 2


MISCONCEPTION #1: Agents Don’t Refer Service Companies.
How many times have you heard an agent say this to you? Or they say, “We send everyone to the claim department.” For a few agents this is 100% true… For most agents this is 100% smoke screen to get you out of their office so they can get back to work.
The next time you hear something like this from an agent or their staff, try using the following and watch how it helps you get past this all to common smoke screen. “Absolutely, and if I were you, I would do the exact same thing, and I’m not here to ask you to change a thing. The reason I am here is I work with all of the claim departments, and I want to be prepared to meet the agent’s (the principal) expectations when I am assigned to one of his or her claims.” Now ask a meaningful question and you will see their defenses come down and they will open up to what you have to say. Need a “meaningful” question? Try this one, “What kind of communication would the agent want to have during a loss?”