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Dec 2

Are You Really Not Ready to Grow?

Reasons (or excuses) To Wait
There are several very good reasons to wait. As stated above, sales won’t cure all your problems. In fact, aggressive sales can hurt you, and here are six very important pre-qualifications you must meet in order to qualify to be one of Gerry Edtl’s Sales Leadership Service clients:

  1. No Desire: if you’re happy with the size of your business and you are not interested in aggressive growth, then you should not do it. Just don’t be upset by a no surprise letter, or when your competition gains more market share.
  1. No Room To Grow: if you already have market share, then you don’t need an aggressive sales strategy, unless you want to dominate your market. Sure, many smaller markets enjoy 25% to even 50% of the market, but if you want to dominate, you’ll need a breakthrough strategy to take it to the next level.
  1. “I’m Good At Sales”: if you are good at sales or sales management then you are making it happen now. You may not need a Sales Management Service, unless you see the need to have a resource greater than yourself. Sure, there are plenty of owners to network with, and you should. But, having a sales professional who can challenge your thinking and help you become a world-class sales leader is a whole new ballgame.
  1. Customer Service: are your customer service scores too low? Do you have too many unresolved or unsatisfactory customer issues? If your quality is low, or the customer’s perception of your service is low and you don’t resolve this first, you will only increase the number of problems, and demotivate your sales force.
  1. Labor Control: are your labor rates too high or out of budget? If you start an aggressive sales strategy with a high labor rate, your profit margin is going to be too low to sustain the growth. Aggressive growth ends up being a quick-fix to a long-term problem, and that never works, not ever!
  1. Cash: is your cash flow to tight? Without positive cash flow, combined with an aggressive sales strategy, you could drive your business into serious danger. Everyone knows profits are important, but don’t forget that “Cash Is King,” and you want this area right on track before you take on a growth initiative.

If you’re experiencing any of the above normal business challenges, you must work now to resolve them. You need a plan with a strategy to help guide your decision-making. Gerry Edtl can help you with this too. He also offers a Leadership Development to help you get on the growth track by fixing the long-term problems in your business. He will actually help you fix the problems (not just tell you) by consistently working with you and your team to address and resolve these key growth-limiting issues. So contact Gerry Edtl right now at…