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Oct 2

The DR Business Solution

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Outsource your “Sales Leadership Service” to Gerry Edtl, who has customized his sales leadership for the Disaster Restoration business, and is based on his more than 40 years of success in this industry. Gerry will provide the sales direction, and leadership for your salesperson. His track record is proven, just read his endorsements and testimonials if you don’t know him personally.
Return On Your Investment
First, let’s talk about some of the tangible benefits. Your time is money! You are worth at least $100 an hour, and I’ll bet you spend more than 10 hours a month trying to mange the sales staff. That’s over $1,000 right there. Now think about hard costs. If your average sale is just $2,000 and your average DR job has a gross variable margin of at least 50%, the ROI should be one (1) new job a month to cover the actual cost of this service (less than the average contribution of one water job). Plus, you’ll get back the time and energy to invest in solving other challenges.
Next, look at the intangible benefits, in addition to the time there is the stress and energy you expend trying to manage a salesperson; your time hiring, training and compensating them, and don’t forget your time creating a sales strategy, and all the time you spend trying to lead the salesperson. And don’t forget the time you spend worrying trying to figure out if they are getting ANY RESULTS? Talk about an energy crisis! Sure, you’ll still spend time, but now it’s with Gerry Edtl, a true “sales professional” with proven business leadership skills, to help you get the maximum return on your investment, by providing proven sales leadership.
There is one more benefit we need to talk about, and unless I miss my guess you will know in your gut the true value of this fact. Constant turnover in your “sales” staff hurts you more than you may realize. Every time you turn over one of your “sales” staff and a new person walks through the prospects door, after a while they start saying to themselves “I just don’t have time to waste on meeting another new employee of theirs, what’s wrong with those guys, why can’t they keep their staff?” Don’t think they say that? Ok, think about how often that very thing has happened to you. At some point you must understand, constant turnover is worse than not going at all! If you are like most owners I know, you’re the first person to admit the truth of what you just read, and the good news is with a true professional sales leader like Gerry Edtl you can solve this problem. Not overnight, but you can solve it.
Your Call To Action
If your business is ready for growth you are probably thinking to yourself, “I would be crazy not to at least talk with Gerry and take him up on a free ‘Pre-Sales Leadership Assessment’ to determine if my business is ready for growth. Let’s be clear about something, the old saying, “Sales cures all ales” is a lie. Not every business is ready for growth*, and if you make the mistake of starting an aggressive sales strategy without your ducks in a row, you may very well grow yourself right out of business.