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Sep 2

The DR Business Challenge

Your Challenge: Growth through Market Penetration
Grow the business faster than the competitors and gain market penetration. Most owners share a common fear of losing their market share to their competition and they understand the ramifications of not meeting this challenge.
The Problem: Managing a Sales Professional
Owners have figured out how to get the work produced and manage the day-to-day operations. However, leading a sales professional is for the majority, the greatest challenge they face, and in fact is the most difficult to consistently manage and lead.
Reality Check #1: You must solve the sales challenge
The owner must solve their sales challenge, if they are to increase their growth and market penetration, with an affordable solution that creates a good return on their investment.
Reality Check #2: You might not be the right person to solve your sales challenge
Most owners, with salespeople, don’t have the time to write a sales strategy, hire true sales professionals (not typical route marketers), figure out a compensation package that rewards and motivates, plus provide the best sales training and leadership, let alone have the personal expertise as a sales “manager” to create effective accountability that motivates and empowers them to get the job done consistently.
Reality Check #3: You might not be able to afford a full time sales manager
The majority of owners with a salesperson can’t afford to hire a full-time sales manager. And, for those few with a full time sales manager, they don’t have a “sales advisor” for their sales manager who understands the business like the owner does.
Your Options:

  1. Do the same thing over and over and don’t expect a different result. If you do expect a different result, then as Albert Einstein would say “You’re insane.” That is like a smoker waiting to have a heart attack before they stop smoking, in other words waiting for your competitor to beat you.
  1. Continue to fool yourself into thinking, “Someday I’ll do something about this.” Or worse just “kick the can down the road” as so many of our nations leaders are doing today. You have the best of intentions, but the realities of the daily demands of the business keep you from actually doing what you know in your heart needs to be done.
  1. Make a long-term investment in a sales leadership service, in someone you can trust to do this right. There are no “Quick Fixes to Long-Term Problems”… not ever! Yes, there are quick wins along the way, especially when you know what they are and how to capitalize on them, but everyone knows quick fixes don’t solve long-term problems. And by the way, ignoring this problem won’t make it go away. You have to own the problem and the solution, and that will take time to fix, but the good news is you can do it…