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Apr 8

DR Marketing

April 8, 2014

In a recent conversation with a local Farmers insurance agent, we started discussing marketing philosophy. We asked him what makes a vendor stand out? What moves him to give a vendor a try? They are inundated with marketers from vendors all day long, what is the key?
His answer was interesting and speaks directly to the solid foundation of your sales and marketing philosophy/program that we are using.
He said simply, “Most companies have marketers that just pop in, say hi and dump off pens and notepads or some other goodies. They ask for our business, but they never take the time to say WHY we should use their company. Most all of them are nice people and are good at making general conversation about the weather or the recent game or whatever else is happening and then they leave and we put their stuff in a drawer with everyone else’s stuff.”
I am grateful that we have found a way to move away from this type of marketing and actually go into an agent’s office with something that is of value to their business and not just ours.
Alma Stumpp, Idaho