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Jan 27

Sales/Marketing – Gerry Edtl

January 27, 2014

Recently I received an email from a Farmers insurance agent who said, “I have been a Farmers agent for about 10 years, and have had countless people walk into my office on a weekly basis marketing for their services. Usually it comes at an inconvenient time and is almost always a bother. I want to compliment Lauren Hanson, she does a great job for you and is a great asset. When she walks into our office everyone wants to visit with her. After 10 years of people walking into our office she is only one of a few that we will spend time visiting with. Just wanted to let you know, she does a great job!” We hired Gerry Edtl last year to work with Lauren and I can tell you what he teaches is working. If you need a better result in your agent sales and marketing, I’d recommend talking with Gerry today.
Sam Shost, Texas