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Jan 27

Gerry Edtl, Farmers and First Choice

January 27, 2014

Recently we experienced a significant change in our market. Farmers insurance decided to remove all ServiceMaster vendors from their help point claim rotation. We are still on the program but any claims called into help point will not go to respond.
As a business owner, I just wanted to publicly thank Gerry Edtl for helping us reach a position where this decision will have much less of an impact than it would have 3 years ago. Thanks to Gerry’s sales strategies we have gone from 80% of our Farmer’s claims coming to us through help point, to 85% of them coming directly from agent and adjuster referrals.
And just in time. We were once dangerously dependent on program work and now we are looking forward to being in a position to take control of our growth and direction and remove ourselves from the program should the need arise.
I can’t recommend Gerry and his sales process enough. It’s new, it’s innovative and it works. And it will help you form relationships with agencies that will stand the test of time. He has also helped us lower our labor percentage from 36% to 22% and assisted us as we made a major cultural change within our business. For those of you that attended his sales seminars when he was with ServiceMaster, he has made significant changes and improvements.
As corporate continues to saturate your market and make decisions that put programs in jeopardy, let Gerry help you strengthen your market position and bring confidence and energy to your sales team. Thanks again Gerry.
Brad Smith, Utah