Business Values

Our Vision

We imagine a world for DR business where job after job comes in from relationships you built in the community. One in which you have enough work coming in on your own that you don’t need an assignment from a TPA. A world where you are getting so many of your own leads that you are able to leave any TPAs you are a part of. A world where you are completely independent and thriving. 

We imagine a world for DR business where good-fit employees stay, invest, and grow, and where bad-fit employees leave before any damage is done. One in which people are called by name, thanked, and recognized for contributing to the good in their community. A world where every employee feels 100% safe at work so they can give their all and hold team members accountable to realize the vision of the company. A world where each team member goes home at the end of the day fulfilled and energized by the work they did.

That’s the world we hope to help you create!

Our Mission

  1. Create the best possible strategies we can
  2. Train our clients to the best of our ability
  3. Provide empowering follow-up accountability
  4. Help our clients achieve the best results they are capable of producing

Our Purpose

To help people develop so that we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Our Principles

Honor God – Tell the truth and keep our promises

Help People Develop – Bring out our client’s highest levels of productivity every day

Pursue Excellence – Perform the best we can each day

Grow Profitably – Create a life worth living