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WHAT MAKES GERRY UNIQUE: I literally grew up in the Disaster Restoration industry – my parents owned a franchise in Oregon, and I spent my formative years working as a technician in every situation imaginable. Having spent 30+ years running Disaster Restoration Businesses and helping other owners with THEIR businesses, I have a unique insight and perspective into the entire industry that few others can ever match. I’m fondly referred to by many in the industry as the “Franchise Turnaround Specialist.”

WHAT MAKES JORDAN UNIQUE: I also grew up in the Disaster Restoration industry – I’m a 3rd Generation – that’s right, I’m Gerry’s daughter. My parents ran a franchise in Oregon, and I spent my formative years working in the business. After an 8-year break teaching overseas, I have returned to my roots in the industry joining my dad’s DR Consulting business as CEO. I just love helping people who love to help people – and that’s what we use our 60+ combined years of experience to do!

WHAT THAT MEANS FOR OUR CLIENTS: We understand EVERY facet of your Disaster Restoration and Recovery business, from workplace culture (and drama!) to sales, marketing, franchising and more. We’ve been you – we get it!



“I relied on TPAs for 80% of our revenue. I learned how to break-free and now we get over 85% of our own work. We’re more independent and profitable. I cannot recommend Gerry’s system enough. Best decision I have made.” – Brad Smith, Owner/Sales Professional, ServiceMaster by Smith

“I have to be honest. When I first heard how we were to go about securing our market share through culture – which I perceived as touchy-feely – I was very skeptical. Having finished the journey with Gerry Edtl Consulting I can say resoundingly that this was THE best thing I will ever do for my company.” – Steve White, Owner, Second Nature

“We wanted to have a more reliable stream of revenue coming from insurance agents. We wanted to grow solid relationships with agents for the long term. This system was something that we knew our competitors were not doing and probably not capable of duplicating when they saw what we were doing. We were also tired of trying to call on a few hundred agents without building quality relationships with any of them. Now we’re very deep with a few and our sales have never been better!” – Jared Yingling, Sales Manager, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration

“We’ve gone from being a family business to being a business family. The change in our people is remarkable. They look forward to coming to work and have a great time while they’re here. Our company is the most profitable it has ever been.” – Tyler Pattat, Owner, ServiceMaster by Cornerstone

“This sales system puts into relatable words and practice what we have been trying to convey to clients during our sales calls.  It has helped us create a more consistent stream of business, even in times of “low weather activity”.  We are having our best year ever since implementing this process.” – Sara Kantner, Owner/Sales Professional, Damage Doctors

How Sustainable Is Your Business?


Competitors, Third Party Administrators, and Other Paid Lead Services are leading causes of market share loss in the Disaster Restoration Industry.


Drama, Negativity, and Dissatisfaction are leading causes of profit loss in the Disaster Restoration Industry.

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Gerry’s first hand knowledge of the disaster restoration industry, combined with his sales expertise and heart for helping others improve makes his program unique.  Look at the results.

2011: $900k (without Gerry)
2012: $1.4M (with Gerry)
2014: $2.3M = 155% growth from 2011



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